mark muse  PHOTOGRAPHS
If you think you might like to purchase a print please use the link below to send an email re-quest for information. Tell me which images you are interested in (image name and gallery name), at approximately what image sizes, and if you want them framed. I can arrange custom fram-ing services if you want something other than my standard frame materials. See the link below for custom framing.

Most of my print sizes are relatively small. This helps preserve image quality. My standard image sizes are 22.5 x 15, 15 x 10, and 9 x 6 inches. All materials are archival. All sizes are approximate.

I also have some larger sizes, mostly multi-frame panoramas. Some are as large as 120 inches wide. Email for pricing.

If you are interested in a file for publishing you probably know what information I need. Send an email. I will respond quickly.
 image             framed            print            framed
  size    (inch)     size               price             price
   60 x 15         68 x 24            $900           $1200
   36 x 15         42 x 24            $550             $850
22.5 x 15         30 x 24            $300             $550           
   15 x 10         24 x 20            $150             $300
     9 x 6           20 x 16            $  50             $175 
Sizes are approximate. Shipping is additional.
Framed prices are for my standard framing ma-terials of wood or metal frame, six ply rag matte board, foam core backing, and clear glass.

For custom framing information click the link for the Bridge Gallery. They handle all of my framing. Welcome Galleries Wilderness Bio Exhibits Purchases Recent Work