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I am probably a printmaker first, and a photographer second. I use the camera to explore, a reason to go to special places, a way to be immersed – much the way fly fishing has been for me. Getting some images is icing on the cake, and provides the raw material for printmaking.
These days all my prints are digital. Archival pigment prints has become the commonly used description. They are of course inkjet prints, but the distinction archival pigment is an important one since most inkjet printers use dyes, not pigments. Dyes fade rapidly.
While I often work the files heavily to get the look I want, I do not create or alter image content. The most extreme case is a panorama where I stitch a number of frames together to make a single large and seamless image, but the resulting print shows what was in front of the camera.
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Photo by Bettina LaForet ©2010 - all rights reserved
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